Mailers that Stick

The holy grail of marketing: Branding with a LONG shelf life. So how do you create marketing pieces that will stick around? Well, take it literally and make them sticky. Here are three unique ways to do just that and examples of each in the gallery below.


Take it beyond the typical and make it interactive with a poetry magnet kit. Choose your own words, integrate your logo and branding, then let your recipients’ creativity run wild. The magnets themselves are the star of the show when they mail in a clear envelope.

Window Cling

When you have something your recipients will be proud to display, consider a window cling for their car, home, or even office. Again, a clear plastic envelope will make the piece especially compelling to open. And then your brand or message can hit the road, indefinitely.

Clean Adhesive Paper

Isn’t technology great? Now you can print on moveable, no-adhesive paper which gives you endless possibilities for developing creative that encourages interaction. This synthetic paper sticks to just about any flat surface – and you can really have fun with it. Consider next-generation “paper dolls” or build-a-scene concepts.

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