LED UV Printing

LED UV Printing Gives You Added Value At No Extra Expense!

Here’s why graphic arts pros prefer
• LED UV printing:
• Enhanced color on all surfaces
• Affordable special effects
• Great paper options
• Eco-friendly “Green Power”
• Quick turnaround

Enhancement of Color – Our advanced LED UV press system optimizes your color photographs. You will appreciate the noticeably sharper images that are standard on all paper surfaces from gloss to dull. Especially when your design calls for uncoated paper, LED UV is the smart way to go. Instant drying assures sharper dots and cleaner printing. Sheets come off the press dry and can be processed through the bindery with no fear of smudging or setting off.

With our special effects, you can make an affordable statement. – How about some extra punch in your mailing? Your mailing competes with every other one for your prospect’s attention. Adding gloss or dull UV coatings, spot reticulating (textured) varnish, or Soft Touch aqueous coating, all applied in-line will get your mailing noticed, at a very modest cost.

Have It Your Way – Do you need printing on light or heavy coated or uncoated paper, or even on synthetics or plastics? Versatile LED UV inks bond to all of these surfaces extremely well, for a sharper image with very limited dot gain.

Eco-Friendly – LED UV printing uses 20% less ink than conventional offset and uses less energy in the drying process. In addition, these inks are 99% VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) free, compared to conventional inks which contain up to 30 times more VOCs.

Fast-drying – These inks dry and bond to all substrates instantly, to reduce or eliminate scuffing or marking. The smooth flow of production is not interrupted waiting for printed sheets drying enough to be processed through high-speed folders, saddle stitchers, and other bindery operations. You benefit from a faster job turnaround.

Are you looking for a way to increase value without spending more money? Contact Dual Print & Mail now for great value at an accessible price.

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