Green Initiatives

Green PrintingWe may be experts on color, but becoming a truly green printer took a lot of hard work.

That’s because unlike some printers who use green-washing marketing gimmicks like wind power to seem more environmentally friendly, we’ve implemented green initiatives that produce tangible results. Processes that mean fewer trees are destroyed, more consumables are being recycled and less money is wasted. We’ve invested in changes that make a real difference in our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment, and they also save you money.

Our Rotoman web press burns ink vapors during the printing process to reduce natural gas usage and render emissions 99.9% VOC free.
Our solvent recovery system filters and cleans used solvent to make it 80% reusable.
Our extensive vacuum bailing and recycling program turns waste paper into reusable materials.


Choosing green makes a difference to all of us – you’ll have peace of mind that you’re contributing to a better future. Our environment-savings measures add up to cost savings too: in the form of reduced paper waste for one. The industry standard of 12-15% paper waste is reduced to under 5% with our Rotoman press. That’s green in your pocket – to the tune of $125,000 annually for one of our publishing clients.


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