Backlit sign in mall


Backlit Signs & Displays

Illuminate Your Message to Your Customer

Bright, crisp, eye catching backlit signs and displays literally light up your message! Deliver more visual impact and demand attention with more color & depth than possible with standard signage. As a bonus, they are also cost-effective and allow for easy change out to constantly update your brand.

The backlit sign is printed on a semi-translucent vinyl that illuminates when backlit with fluorescent or LED light and is usually placed between two pieces of Plexiglas in a light box. Most lighting is no further than six inches behind the backlit sign. The film diffuses the light evenly to add a radiance to vibrant color shades. The lighting allows the graphics to be visible both day and night and will add more depth and vibrancy to the graphics. We have different types of backlit materials to accommodate most types of lighted displays and light boxes.

Where Do I Begin?

Contact Dual Print and Mail using our contact us form or by calling our offices at 800.358.4348. We’re happy to help you plan your backlit sign or display project. We’ll provide our best recommendations and a free quote for your project.