Digital Die Cutting Standees


Digital Die-Cutting

Meet The Next Generation of Die-Cutting

Digital die-cutting allows you to cut special shapes, such as labels or standees, from printed sheets by using digital blades, eliminating the expense of a traditional die. The digital die-cutter is real-time controlled by a computer or by computer-generated data stored in memory. This digital method has exceeded the outdated methods by eliminating poor quality control, errors and loss of production time.

Complex Die-Cutting? – No Problem!

Our digital die-cutter not only has high-speed cutting capabilities, but is able to crease/score, perform complex kiss-cutting (ideal for labels) and through cutting. Since there are several blade options available for specific cutting applications, such as contour cutting, creasing, perforating, routing and packaging we can cut and rout paper, plastic, wood, metal, and so much more.

You can now use 2D or 3D eye catching displays to catch your customer’s eye. Dual handles boards up to 71″ x 118″ with a maximum thickness of 1.18″. Precise contour digital die-cutting, trimming, routing and creasing of rigid materials is easier than ever.

We can cut just about anything your imagination can dream up. Remember you imagine it, we create and deliver it!

  • Standees
  • Box Comps
  • OS/POP Displays
  • 3D Signage
  • Trade Show Displays
    And much more…

Where Do I Begin?

Contact Dual Print and Mail using our contact us form or by calling our offices at 800.358.4348. We’re happy to help you plan your digital die-cutting project. We’ll provide our best recommendations and a free quote for your project.