Directional Signage


Directional & Wayfinding Signage

Help Your Customers Find Their Way

Indoor and outdoor directional signage is used for direction or information like parking signs, building directories and directional aids. Directional signs can also be used to inform important information regarding safety or identify key areas.


Wayfinding is the concept of directing your customer with signage, floor design, and more so they can self-navigate through your facility. Dual Print & Mail can meet your needs for both.

Design Tips: Directional and Wayfinding Signage:

  • Less is more.
  • Keep it simple for quick reading.
  • Any in-depth signage should be used in waiting or lobby areas only.
  • Picture and graphics speak volumes.
  • Maintain a recognizable “look and feel.”

Directional & Wayfinding Sign Uses:

  • Large Vertical Banners – Define major areas or use as easily visible directional signs.

  • Wall Signage – Identify a key division, inform of a particular safety concern or provide direction to more than one area.

  • Single-Sided Slat Wall Signs – Display a facility map or event calendar.


Our team will assist in creating directional and wayfinding signage and help you choose from a wide variety of materials and production techniques to best accommodate your budget. We understand the need to produce a sign that will complement the interior of your facility or store to reinforce your brand.

Where Do I Begin?

Contact Dual Print and Mail using our contact us form or by calling our offices at 800.358.4348. We’re happy to help you plan your directional & wayfinding signs. We’ll provide our best recommendations and a free quote for your project.