Soft Touch


Soft Touch Aqueous Coating

For Printed Pieces With Tactile Interest Beyond The Ordinary

Raise your printed message from “ho hum” to sensational. Soft Touch provides a premium feeling to printed materials. Add spot gloss, dull UV and aqueous coatings to make ordinary covers extraordinary. A reader holding a “Soft Touch” coated cover senses that this product is far above the ordinary.

Premium Product At An Affordable Price

Dual Print & Mail applies Soft Touch and other coatings in-line along with the printed image so that production cost won’t break your budget.

Soft Touch aqueous should be applied to dull or matte finished coated papers for optimum results.

Other specialty options that raise your prospect’s interest and add value to your marketing include metallic foil stamping and/or embossing as well as die cutting.

“Soft Touch” is a registered trade mark of its manufacturer, Rycoline Products, LLC.

Where Do I Begin?

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