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Street Pole Banners

Attention Grabbing and 100% Customizable

Street pole banners are a great option for parking lots, zoos, amusement parks, on boardwalks, or on university campuses. Use these highly visible banners as a guide, or to advertise to your customer.

Attention Grabbing and 100% Customizable

Since they are placed at a point that will garner the most customer attention, street pole banners are a perfect choice to announce events, sales and promotions. It’s a “must-have” when a community wants to identify historical districts, special community dates (such as the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the town), or to announce new or long standing annual events. Since our street pole banners are 100% customizable, you are able to order 1 or 100!

Our street pole banners are double-sided and finished with hemmed pockets and wind slits. Printing with UV resistant inks on weather resistant vinyl mean these banners will hold up to the weather! And since your banner is double-sided, you get twice the exposure! We offer installation and installation hardware to help you achieve the optimal exposure with your street pole sign.

Remember that you can pair your street pole banner with other outdoor and indoor display products, or any other type of printed marketing material we offer.

Where Do I Begin?

Contact Dual Print and Mail using our contact us form or by calling our offices at 800.358.4348. We’re happy to help you plan your street pole banner project. We’ll provide our best recommendations and a free quote for your project.