Green Printing

Can it get any better than a heatset web press that prints more than 70,000 pieces in an hour?

Yes, it can. Because it’s better for the environment too.

Our state-of-the-art Manroland Rotoman web press gives you optimum print quality (even stochastic), reduced downtime, less paper waste, and fully automated changeover & folding. And it does of all this while being a lot easier on the earth.

The Rotoman press catalyses ink vapors to burnable fuel to reduce our natural gas consumption. At times, the Rotoman can be running with no natural gas consumption, significantly reducing its carbon footprint. What’s more, the air that escapes is 99.9% VOC free.

It’s one of the only green web presses in North America with all of these capabilities. So it’s not just a better choice for your next job, it’s a better choice for the planet.


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