Inline Foiling

The question isn’t what can our Prindor Inline Foiler do — it’s what can it do for you?

Unlike hot-foil stamping, the Prindor uses a “cold foil transfer” method, so it eliminates the time, cost and size restrictions of traditional foil dies. Now foil can be transferred with outstanding quality at high printing speeds. Our system enables us to transfer foil while sur-printing of up to 8 colors inline with consistent perfect register and finished with an aqueous coating.

Foil GalleryExplore New Frontiers in Design with Foil

Because the Prindor works without the high temperatures associated with hot-foil stamping, it can even handle the very delicate foil elements found on labels and high-grade packaging. Its high-resolution capabilities open up new possibilities in design—from the finest typefaces to foil screening. And you can achieve virtually every color and metallic effect imaginable.


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