Perfect Bound Publications

Perfect-Binding-Page-Option2Achieve the perfect finish for your publications and catalogs.

Perfect Binding creates a beautiful finished look for niche and regional magazine publications, books, and catalogs. Also known as “adhesive binding,” perfect binding gathers pages as “signatures” and applies an adhesive to the spine of the gathered pages, creating a rectangular backbone. A cover is then applied to the book block.

Dual’s attention to detail and breadth of printing options have made our publication clients raving fans. Some of our unique capabilities include:

Dual Print & Mail Printing & Distribution for European Publications in the U.S.

Our presses accommodate the larger publication size standard in Europe, making Dual the ideal choice for European publishers looking to print and distribute their magazines or bookazines in the U.S., without the need to redesign page layouts.

Dual Print & Mail Fully Variable and Personalized Cover Design

With the growing emphasis on personalization and variable data printing, Dual can go beyond the address block to offer a fully variable cover for magazines and other publications. Include variable personalization fields such as first name or target advertising based on data driven factors.

Dual Print & Mail Inline Foil for Design Impact

Dual can apply foil inline with printing – a great option to add impact to cover design in particular.


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