Extend your print campaigns with high exposure signage.

busShelterBus shelter signage offers a great short-term promotional display option. Printed on weather resistant materials, bus shelter signage provides high-quality on-the-street advertising. Many bus shelters are illuminated to provide around the clock visibility to all types of traffic.

Bus shelter advertising space can be more expensive compared to other forms of advertising. But remember, a bus shelter sign is seen 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be cost effective if done properly.

There are a few things to remember when deciding if this type of signage is for you:

  • Location of Bus Shelter – The location of the bus shelter should be in a high traffic area where you customer is located. A quiet, isolated street would not be a good choice as your rate of return (ROI) could be quite low.
  • Be Unique and Creative – Get creative and think out of the box. You want to create more word of mouth advertising by being creative and drawing attention to the sign.
  • Be Interactive with your Signage – The more interactive the sign is the more interest you will draw. Consider including a QR Code to give mobile users a way to connect with your online presence right from the printed sign.

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