Colorful Printed PaperIn Our Digital World, Print Stands Out.

We believe that print is easier to read and navigate than any digital screen. The act of reading an image on paper helps the reader create stronger memories of the material. On the other hand, digital reading leads to skimming and poor retention.

Reading a printed image is a tactile experience too. Physical contact with paper is solid, while a digital image is fleeting. And… print is truly sustainable. Once a printed image has been created it can be viewed again and again with no additional use of electricity. What’s more, 65% of all paper is recycled, while paper companies plant more than four times the amount of trees they harvest.

You can be assured that your print media is produced by an organization which continually strives to protect our environment.

Bus Shelter GraphicsWide Format Printing

Our Wide Format and Specialty Imaging Division officially joined Dual Print & Mail in January 2015. Formerly known as Best Choice Imaging Solutions (BCIS), it operated as an independent company within Dual Print & Mail’s Cheektowaga facility prior to consolidating its services as a division of Dual Print & Mail.

Dual’s Wide Format and Specialty Imaging Division produces wide format printing, super-wide / grand format printing (up to 10 feet wide), signage, point-of-sale displays, custom marketing products, and many other specialty imaging projects.

Learn more about our Indoor Graphics, Outdoor Graphics, and Point of Sale services as well as our unique Digital Die-Cutting.

Mailing Services image

Mailing Services

In addition to printing direct mail, we also have mailing service and fulfillment services. Our mailing services allow you to consolidate your needs into a single company. As a direct mail printer, we know how important it is to find a printing company that also acts as a mailing company. We receive consistent feedback from our clients that combining these services has helped them get their message out quickly, without losing any quality.

Our expert knowledge and experience in mailing helps you realize the lowest possible postage cost. We provide mail planning assistance and speedy production.

Mailing Services
• Inkjet Addressing
• Tabbing (Wafer Sealing)
• Storage and fulfillment services

Variable Data Printing PostcardsDigital Solutions

Dual Printing’s digital marketing experts will work with you to build your brand and increase the return on your advertising dollar. Our advisors can help you create profitable one-to-one marketing campaigns including personalized URLs, variable data emails, web-to print and print-to- web solutions.

• Increase your direct mail response rate by up to 50%.
• Increase your sales conversion rates.
• Get your sales message to market faster.
• Increase your cross marketing ability.
• Build customer loyalty.
• Personalized URLs
Use personalized URLS (PURLS) to boost sales. Your one-to-one mailings direct the recipient to a PURL which we will style to resemble the direct mail piece. The 3-5 page PURL provides additional selling opportunities.

Warehouse image

Warehousing & Fulfillment

Our new warehouse, state-of-the-art order processing system, and automated fulfillment practices insure quick service and cost efficiencies for you. Our fulfillment services allow customers to print and mail from a single vendor. Direct mail fulfillment is easier logistically when customers use Knepper Press to both print and mail their materials. We are currently managing over 3,500 products in our conveniently-located facility next to Pittsburgh Airport.

Reporting and Tracking
We use the proven Promail system which gives you:
• Ability to track all transactions – orders, inventory balances, shipments and receipts, etc.
• Customized shopping carts with your branding, if desired.
• Multiple login levels that allow your users to login with different levels of access.