Two Proven Money Saving Ideas

Two Proven Money Saving Ideas

In these inflationary times, all publishers and advertisers are struggling to cope with the rising cost of paper. Paper ranges from a third to more than half of the cost of most catalogs or magazines. Steady cost increases have doubled the price of many printing papers in the last 16 months.

A practical solution to holding down your final cost is to reduce the weight of the paper. A publication printed on 80# stock can be printed on 60# or 70# with no loss in print quality. Even 40# and 50# papers can be used in many cases. These very light weight papers still print well, but have a little less whiteness and opacity. They are well worth consideration, depending on your projected audience.

Another sensible approach to containing your costs and protecting your margins is to carefully consider your mailing and/or distribution list, and delete any doubtful recipients. Any reduction in your press run helps to lower both your printing and postage bills.

Your Dual Print & Mail sales pro will be happy to suggest practical solutions to your paper and print production questions.

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